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Men are often dissatisfied with their penises. Undressing in front of others, for example for showering after sports, can already be a great psychological burden for youth. In this phase of life, mockery about the size of the sexual organ can lead to life-long complexes. Even at a later age, the affected person can often not urinate when standing next to other men or are ashamed of being naked in front of a sexual partner when the light is on. It is not only the wrong role models, like the actors in erotic films with especially large manhood who make the person unsatisfied.

Several factors can lead to the penis complex

Like if the man saw his own father naked as a child and experienced his penis as being immensely larger than his own. Also the optical perspectives of the own penis from above causes it to appear to be shorter than that of another man from the front with a lower observation angle. In particular, the wrong conclusion of the limp to the stiff penis length of other men can lead to a false self assessment. Because the distinction is to be made between the so-called blood and the flesh penis. A blood penis is relatively small when limp and becomes multiply larger with an erection. A flesh penis in contrast already looks like a similar size when it is stiff. Men with flesh penises therefore seem to be well endowed with a non-erect penis under the shower, whereas those with a blood penis are ashamed. This is often unjust, because in an erect condition there is not necessarily a difference in size between both penises. And also the form of the penis can be the cause for deeply embedded feelings of inferiority. In particular curvatures downwards or to a side are experienced as being very embarrassing.

The dissatisfaction with the penis can lead to the desire

for a penis enlargement or a penis straightening. This can be reached efficiently with the professional penis expander PeniMaster, with the help of which the tissues of the penis grow. The device also causes a thickening of the organ. Therefore people talk about a penis enlargement and not a penis extension. The riskless stretching treatment can cause a clear straightening and thus a plastic cosmetic improvement. The treatment with the PeniMaster lasts several months, can be applied without a doctor and has enduring results. Problems with potency, that is the ability of the organ to have an erection, is also further spread among young men than commonly thought. Usually there are psychological and not physical factors when a young man does not achieve a sufficient erection strength for the sexual act and thus is not capable of natural procreation. Also here the cause can be the fear of being embarrassed through a penis which he considers to be too small, which he would prefer to hide from the sexual partner than to consciously show it. The positive occupation with the own penis in the scope of a treatment with the PeniMaster can help to overcome this kind of mental blockades. If the ability to achieve an erection decreases with age, the cause is often physical. An improved nutrition, sportive activities or the training with the penis enlargement device PeniMaster can help because it contributes to a revitalization of potency and the libido. If these possibilities for the improvement of the erection are exhausted, the person affected can have erection promoting medication prescribed.

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